Urgent Notice

Recently, someone swaggered and swindled under the guise of SunnyHomes’ name. They claimed that they can produce and install SunnyHomes insect screen. They attracted customers and made sales by introducing low-quality products at low prices ($50).


SunnyHomes hereby declare that we have never fired any employee or layoffs, and never sold cheap and low-quality products since we were founded in 2015. We have more than 500 square meters of factory in west Auckland.


Based on a higher special technology demand, the division of labour in our factory is clear-cut, each one being charged with specific responsibilities. Only senior workers are able to complete production and installation, and they are still working for SunnyHomes.


Please keep an eye, beware of fraud people claiming to be employees of SunnyHomes. The resulting negative impact, we keep the right to legal proceedings.


If you have any requirements, welcome to contact SunnyHomes consultation hotline at: 021-02463065, visit our website (sunnyhomes.co.nz) or add our WeChat (SunnyHomes) for more information about products and activities.


Hereby declare.